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    No.63 Issuance of Disaster Victim’s Certificates for Residences
    Kumamoto Career Support Desk for Foreign Residents
    No.58 Beware of consuming too many sweets and snacks!
    No.59 Telephone counseling for pregnancy and emotional support
    No.56 Counseling for Kumamoto Earthquake Victims at Kumamoto Children’s Consultation Center
    No60 “2016 Kumamoto Earthquake School Education Emergency Call” is started
    No.57Accepting applications for “Disaster Victim’s Certificates” on 14th May (Sat) and 15th (Sun)
    No.55 Earthquake Debris
    No.18-A  Emergency Endangerment Assessment
    No.53 Supplying School Textbooks and Supplies for the Kumamoto Earthquake Disaster


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