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    November 12-25 is the Reducing Violence Towards Women Campaign period! (life)
    November is the Month for Promotion of Child Abuse Prevention (Shisei Dayori Nov.) (life)
    Chest (Lung Cancer and Tuberculosis) and Stomach Cancer Examination (Shisei Dayori, Nov.) (health)
    Group Medical Examinations at City Hall (Shisei Dayori, November 2016) (health)
    Information Regarding the Kumamoto Earthquake (Shisei Dayori, November 2016) (life)
    Special education language class now accepting applications (Shisei Dayori, November 2016) (education)
    Application for nurseries and certified child daycare centers and regional childcare businesses in 2 (life)
    We offer some advices to the following problems and we will visit your house upon your request. (residence)
    Preventing Food Poisoning by Norovirus (Shisei Dayori, November 2016) (health)
    National Autumn Fire Prevention Campaign (Shisei Dayori, November 2016) (life)


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