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    General Receptions of Central Ward(City Office) will Change-(Shisei Dayori, Sept.) (life)
    Postnatal Home Help Service (Shisei Dayori, Sept., 2017) (life)
    Recruiting Children for Kumamoto Municipal Kindergartens-(Shisei Dayori-Sept 2017.) (life)
    Ezu-Lake Fireworks Event Wishing Kumamoto's Reconstruction-(Shisei Dayori, Sept.) (life)
    Let's comply with the autumn national traffic safety campaign traffic rules and practice correct tra (life)
    TB remains a modern illness. Caution is key! (Shisei Dayori Sept. 2017) (life)
    Chest (Lung Cancer and Tuberculosis) and Stomach Cancer Examination (Shisei Dayori, Aug.) (life)
    To those who are receiving Childcare allowance/ Medical expenses subsidy system for single-parent (life)
    accepting application :suppletory residents of municipal housing complex(Shiseidayori Aug,2017) (life)
    Re-zoning in Single-seat Constituency of the Lower House Election (Shisei Dayori, August, 2017) (life)


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