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    Various Procedures When You Change Your Place of Abode (Moving Out) (Shisei Dayori, March, 2017) (life)
    Spring Kumamoto Castle Festival (Shisei Dayori,March 2017) (life)
    Kumamoto City Zoological and Botanical Garden will be reopen!(part of areas) (life)
    Chest (Lung Cancer and Tuberculosis) and Stomach Cancer Examination (Shisei Dayori, Feb.) (life)
    Cancer Screening on Holidays (Shisei Dayori Feb.) (life)
    We will stop receiving large-sized garbage at west environment factory.(Shisei Dayori, February) (life)
    Traffic jam forecast and detour involved in Kumamoto castle marathon (shisei dayori Feb.) (life)
    Kumamoto-Jou Marathon 2017 is approaching! (life)
    Filing an Income Tax Return for 2016 (Shisei Dayori, January, 2017) (life)
    Beware of Food Poisoning by Norovirus! (Shisei Dayori, January) (health)


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