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    Receive Cancer Examinatrion-2017(Shisei Dayori, Apr.) (life)
    Did you Ask Consultation and Apply for Benefit for Single-Parent's Business Training?(Shisei Dayori, (life)
    Free legal counseling in each section held.(Shisei Dayori,April,2017) (life)
    We are entering into the season when density of PM2.5 gets higher(Shisei Dayori, April) (life)
    Do you Know Special System for Students to Extend Pension Premium Payment?(Shisei Dayori, Apr.) (life)
    Dangerous!Follow traffic rules.(Shisei Dayori, April) (life)
    My Number Notification Card will be Discarded in March End(Shisei Dayori, March) (life)
    STREET ART-PLEX KUMAMOTO Street performance 2017(Shisei Dayori,March,2017) (life)
    Observe Three Rules for Garbage Disposal! (Shisei Dayori, March, 2017) (life)
    You cannot bring the large amount of trash from your moving-out (Shisei dayori Mar.2017) (life)


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