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    Try to Evacuate as Early as Possible (Shisei Dayori, June, 2017) (life)
    Stomach Cancer Examination (Shisei Dayori, May,2017.) (life)
    High Medical Expenses and Others Will be Reviewed for National Health Insurance Subscribers (life)
    Take Receive Mixed Vaccination Against Measles and Rubella-(Shisei Dayori, May,2017) (life)
    We Visit Families with Babies ( Shisei Dayori, May,2017) (life)
    Free legal counseling in each section held.(Shisei Dayori,May,2017) (life)
    Pension & Tax (Shisei Dayori, May, 2017) (life)
    Why do not you register for Kumamoto City Disaster Information Mail?(Shisei-dayori.May.2017) (life)
    accepting application :suppletory residents of municipal housing complex(Shiseidayori May,2017) (life)
    Are you abiding by the rules for bicyclists? (Shisei Dayori, May, 2017) (life)


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