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    Check Garbage Collection Information for Typhoons.(Shisei dayori, July) (life)
    Exemption or Entension System of National Pension Premiums Payment-(Shisei Dayori, July) (life)
    National Health Insurance Card will be Renewed-(Shisei Dayori, July (life)
    Acquisition of various certificates temporarily paused(shisei Dayori,July,2017) (life)
    2017 Memorandum of Health Care Center (Preserved Edition)-Shisei Dayori, June (life)
    We will send a Status Report Form in the first week of June(Shisei Dayori June) (life)
    Don’t feed honey to your baby less than one year old (Shisei Dayori, June, 2017) (life)
    Tax Payment Notification for National Health Insurance(Shisei Dayori, June) (life)
    Chest (Lung Cancer and Tuberculosis) and Stomach Cancer Examination (Shisei Dayori, June.) (life)
    Recruitment of the 22nd(Shisei Dayori June 2017) (life)


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