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    New Himawari Card (Shisei Dayori January.) (life)
    Have you receivrd my number notification card? (Shisei Dayori, January ) (life)
    The 11th Tasaki Market Thanksgiving(Shisei Dayori,December,2017) (life)
    2018 Kumamoto City Fire Department: Annual Departure Ceremony (life)
    Group Examination of Breast Cancer and Cervical Cancer (Shisei Dayori-Dec) (life)
    Acceptance of Applications for Enrollement Assistance Supplied before Enrollement(Shisei Dayori-Dec. (life)
    We will stop receiving large-sized garbage at west environment factory.(Shisei Dayori, February) (life)
    Holiday/Night-time Inquiry Counter for Payment of the Municipal Tax (Shisei Dayori, Dec., 2017) (life)
    Colorectal Cancer Screening Test through Mail (Shisei Dayori. Dec., 2017) (life)
    Information regarding public services during the New Years Holiday (Shisei Dayori December 2017) (life)


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