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    Walk-in HIV Examination and Consultation on Saturday (Shisei Dayori, Mar., 2018) (life)
    Test broadcasting of disaster prevention administrative radio etc using J alert(shisei-dayori,March, (life)
    Cancer Screening on Holidays (Shisei Dayori Feb.) (life)
    Let Inoculate against Japanese Encephalitis * Free of Charge-(Shisei Dayori, February) (life)
    Request for guidance on bicycle rules(Shisei Dayori,February,2018) (life)
    File Municipal and Prefectural Tax Returns by March 15 (Thursday) (Shisei Dayori, Feb., 2018) (life)
    February: Multicultural Coexistence Month (Shisei Dayori, Feb., 2018) (life)
    pupil fostering club admission procedure for new 1st grader (Shisei Dayori, January) (life)
    January is the delivery of municipal taxes the fouth period.(Shisei-Dayori,January) (life)
    Filing an Income Tax Return for 2017 (Shisei Dayori, January) (life)


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