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    Individual Municipal Tax / Prefectural Tax (Individual Residents’ Tax) (Shisei Dayori, June, 2018) (life)
    June is the city's prefectural tax 1st term delivery time.(Shisei Dayori,June,2018) (life)
    To Take Away Recyclables Is Against Municipal Regulations-(Shisei Dayori, June 2018) (life)
    Things to Note Before Evacuation (Shisei Dayori, June, 2018) (life)
    Evacuation Information(Shisei Dayori, June, 2018) (life)
    June is a sediment-related disaster prevention month (Shisei Dayori,June, 2018) (life)
    We Visit Families with Babies ( Shisei Dayori, May,2018) (life)
    We will distribute garbage collection calendar.(Shisei Dayori,May,2018) (life)
    Be Careful of Photochemical Smog! (Shisei Dayori, May) (life)
    Why do not you register for Kumamoto City Disaster Information Mail?(Shisei-dayori.May.2018) (life)


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