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    Women's Handball World Championship (Shisei Dayori,March) (event)
    Chest (Lung Cancer and Tuberculosis) and Stomach Cancer Examination (Shisei Dayori, February.) (life)
    Group Medical Examination will be Implemented-(Shisei Dayori, Feb.) (life)
    Cancer Screening on Holidays (Shisei Dayori, February.) (life)
    Kumamoto Spring Garden Plants Fair-(Shisei Dayori, February) (life)
    File Municipal and Prefectural Tax Returns by March 15th (Friday) (Shisei Dayori, Feb., 2019) (life)
    Planned Change in the Operation of Bus Services on Sunday, February 17th (Shisei Dayori, Feb., 2019) (life)
    平成31年度就学援助 入学前支給の受付開始(新入学児童生徒学用品費 (education)
    冬休み期間中の小・中学校の転校手続きのお知らせ(市政だより12月号) (education)
    Open-Air Incineration of Wastes is Prohibited (Shisei Dayori, Dec., 2018) (life)


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