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    Recruiting Scholarship Students-(Shisei Dayori, April) (life)
    Amount of payment of child rearing allowance revised(Shisei Dayori,April,2018) (life)
    Special Payment System of National Pension Premiums for Students-(Shisei Dayori, April) (life)
    A new police station is now open.(Shisei dayori April) (life)
    The National Spring Traffic Safety Campaign(Shisei Dayori, April,) (life)
    New Bicycles Parking Areas are Ready to be Used-(Shisei Dayori, April) (life)
    Kumamoto Castle Festival in Spring-(Shisei Dayori, March) (life)
    Kumamoto Earthquake Related Information (Shisei Dayori, Mar. 2018) (life)
    Held at the end of March! Honmyoji cherry blossoms lanterns(Flower lanterns)(Shisei-Dayori,March,201 (life)
    Specific Health Check and Health Check for the Elderly Aged 75 or Over-(Shisei Dayori-March) (life)


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