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    Vaccination Against Polio (Shisei Diary, March) (health)
    Information about vaccination (Shisei Diary, March) (health)
    Childbirth support system based on Children's Welfare Law(Shisei Diary, February) (health)
    Schedule for Tuberculosis (TB) Tests (Shisei Diary, February) (health)
    Health Check-ups for Women (Shisei Diary, February) (health)
    Tenants for selected rental houses are wanted. (Shisei Diary, February) (life)
    About Disposal of Durable Goods on Moving Out.(Shisei Diary,February) (life)
    The Letter of Educational Notification Will Be Sent.(Shisei Ddiary, February) (education)
    Don't forget to file your final residents' and income tax return by March 15th! (life)
    Medical Examination for Stomach Cancer (Shisei Diary, January) (health)


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