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A classification can be chosen and the information to display can be narrowed down.

    Please report after you used your insurance to see the doctor because of traffic (insurance)
    Be prepared for the disaster.(Shisei Diary, June) (life)
    Schedule for Medical Examination (Shisei Diary, May) (health)
    Schedule for Tuberculosis (TB) Tests (Shisei Diary, May) (health)
    Health Check-ups for Women (Shisei Diary, May) (health)
    Medical bills subsidized for babies, infants and the handicapped. (Shisei Diary, April) (health)
    Garbage Reduction (life)
    New arrival of playground equipments (life)
    New Service Offices Have Opened.(Shisei Diary, May) (life)
    Don't forget to pay the light vehicle tax! (Shisei Diary, May) (life)


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