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A classification can be chosen and the information to display can be narrowed down.

    Medical Examination for Breast and Stomach Cancer (Shisei Diary, September) (health)
    Health Check-ups for Women (Shisei Diary, September) (health)
    Have you done the live poliovirus (acute poliomyelitis) vaccination? (Shisei Diary, September) (health)
    Children for municipal kindergartens for 2007 wanted. (Shisei Diary, September) (life)
    Schedule for Tuberculosis (TB) Tests (Shisei Diary, September) (health)
    Prevent Food Poisoning caused by Salmonella (Shisei Diary, September) (life)
    Schedule for Medical Examination (Shisei Diary, August) (health)
    Health Check-ups for Women (Shisei Diary, August) (health)
    24-hours telephone counseling available (Shisei Diary, August) (health)
    Schedule for Tuberculosis (TB) Tests (Shisei Diary, August) (health)


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