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    Schedule for Tuberculosis (TB) Tests (Shisei Diary, April) (health)
    From April, target of medical checkups for breast cancer, uterine cancer changes(Shisei Diary,Apr.) (health)
    About the Disposal of Bulky Lubbish(Shisei Diary, April) (life)
    Garbage/Reusables Collection Calendar (life)
    Tenants for selected rental houses wanted.(Shisei Diary, April) (residence)
    Tenants for the municipal dwelling houses wanted.(Shisei Diary, April) (residence)
    General Women Center(Sogo Josei Center) - General Counsel Room/Free (Shisei Diary, April) (life)
    Season for the removal has come! Do not forget to take necessary steps for change of your address! (life)
    Tenants for the municipal dwelling house are wanted.(Shisei Diary, March) (residence)
    PC isn't collected under the city authority.(Shisei Diary,March) (life)


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