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A classification can be chosen and the information to display can be narrowed down.

    Medical Check-ups for Women in December(Shisei Diary, December) (health)
    Conditions for Entering Out-of-District Schools (Shisei Diary, December) (education)
    Premium can be an object of tax deduction(Shisei Diary, December) (insurance)
    November Schedule for Medical Examination (Shisei Diary, November) (health)
    Protect children from abuse (Shisei Diary, November) (life)
    Medical Checkups for Women in November (Shisei Diary, November) (health)
    Measles-Rubella vaccine (the second term) (Shisei Diary, November) (health)
    Application for entering a nursery school in next April to be accepted (Shisei Diary, Nov.) (life)
    Professionals in Various Fields Will Advise You for Free.(Shisei Diary, October) (life)


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