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    Free consultation with administrative scrivener and certified tax accountant(Shisei Diary, February) (life)
    Kumamoto city traffic insurance (Shisei Diary, February) (life)
    Application Procedures on Excessive Medical Fees will Change in April, 2007(Shisei Diary, February) (life)
    Declaration for Municipal/Prefectural Tax Payment (Shisei Diary, February) (life)
    2007 opening ceremony in kumamoto castle (event)
    January Schedule for Medical Examination (Shisei Diary, January) (health)
    Schedule for Tuberculosis (TB) Tests (Shisei Diary, January) (health)
    Declaration of the income-tax is due between Jan.29 and Mar.15 (Shisei Diary, January) (life)
    December Schedule for Medical Examination (Shisei Diary, December) (health)


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