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    Subsidizing the Expense of Flu Vaccination for Senior Citizens and Others (Shisei Dayori, Oct., 2018 (life)
    Medical Costs Subsidy System for Children will Change in December (Shisei Dayori, Oct., 2018) (life)
    Lake Ezu Fireworks Competition 2018 held!(Shisei-Dayori,September,2018) (life)
    Announcement of closing office day of school of municipal school during summer vacation (life)
    Remember to Submit Present Situation Report for Childcare Allowance and Medical Expenses Aid (life)
    It is Possible to Pay Past Five(5) Years National Pension Premiums by System(Shisei Dayori, Aug) (life)
    August is the delivery of municipal taxes the second period.(Shisei-Dayori,August,2018) (life)
    Kumamoto Castle Marathon 2019 (Shisei Dayori, August, 2018) (life)
    The 41st Hinokuni Festival (Shisei Dayori, Aug. 2018) (life)
    National Health Insurance Card will be Renewed-(Shisei Dayori, July 2018) (life)


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