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    The Higashi-ku Kurashi Nihongo Club Opens Soon!
    Higashi-ku Kurashi-no Nihongo club(Japanese conversation club)
    Safety tips, an app for international visitors that provides disaster information, has been greatly
    Training Program on Community Leadership in Disaster Situations for Foreign Residents
    Videos for beginning learners of Japanese Language
    Report on Assistace for Foreign Suffirers of Kumamoto Earthquakes of 2016 (Enlish Edition)
    No.79 Earthquake disaster waste collection
    No.78 Consultation station set up for disabled victims and their families of the 2016 Kumamoto eart
    No.77 Notices for the 2016 fixed asset tax/municipal planning tax and small vehicle tax payment for
    No.76 Garbage collection for the disaster refuse (except Ueki)


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