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    We will performt a cancer inspection on Sunday (Shisei Dayori, Oct.) (health)
    The payments for Childcare Allownace will be changed to 6 times a year(Shisei Dayori, Oct.) (life)
    October is due for City and Prefectiral Tax Payment(Shisei Dayori, Oct) (life)
    The 16th Castle Town Onigiwaiichi Festival (Shisei Dayori, Oct., 2019) (life)
    Kumamoto Castle Festival in Autumn (Shisei Dayori, Oct., 2019) (life)
    Special Unveiling of Kumamoto Castle (Shisei Dayori, Oct., 2019) (event)
    Recruiting of Hosts for Event Home-stay-(Shisei Dayori, Aug.) (event)
    Procedures for Changing Schools (Shisei Dayori, July, 2019) (life)
    Present State Report by Child Allowance Recipients (Shisei Dayori, July, 2019) (life)
    Kumamoto City Zoological and Botanical Gardens Open at Night (Shisei Dayori, July, 2019) (life)


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