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    Procedures for Changing Schools (Shisei Dayori, July, 2020) (life)
    Garbage Separation Application has been being Distributed under favorable Reception (Shisei Dayori J (life)
    A plastic bag(Shopping bag) will be charged from July 1st.(Shisei Dayori JulyD,2020 (life)
    We accept grace applications for various taxes(Shisei Dayori July 2020C) (life)
    Prevention Measures against Heat Stroke in “New Lifestyle”(Shisei Dayori July 2020A) (life)
    Points to be Aware of in the “New Lifestyle” When Going out(Shisei Dayori July 2020 @) (life)
    What should we do when I have symptoms such as fever?( New coronavirus related)(Shisei Dayori 2020) (life)
    Sending Out Kumamoto City's Special Benefits Allocation Application Form(Shisei Dayori June 2020) (life)
    Notice for Present Situation Report for Child Allowance Will Be Sent.-(Shisei Dayori, June 2020) (education)
    Evacuation behavior based on new coronavirus infection(Shisei Dayori June 2020) (life)


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