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No.76 Garbage collection for the disaster refuse (except Ueki)
Last UpdateF2016/6/29

Kumamoto International Foundation

June 16th, 2016 

No.76 (Life)


Garbage collection for the disaster refuse (except Ueki)


We are going to finish the garbage collection for the disaster refuse by June 30th (Thursday). (Also accepting the application for the large disaster garbage at Gomi Zero Call would be closed.)

You can put out the disaster refuse every day until June 30th (Thursday) to the garbage collection point nearby your household, only be careful not to block the street/pavement by the wastes.

There is no need to use the designated refuse bags, although please use the clear garbage bags as possible, separate gburnable garbageh from glandfill waste.h

Although we are not going to collect the electric household appliances which concerns the Home Appliance Recycling Law (ex. Air conditioner, TV, refrigerator, washing machine) and computers, please recycle them by following the direction written in ghousehold garbage/resource collection calendar.h



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