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No.64 DIY disaster emergency kits
Last UpdateF2016/5/30

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@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@No. 64 (Life)

DIY disaster emergency kits


Make sure your kit contains only what your family needs, and keep it ready-to-hand at all times. Separate those emergency items to be used on the fly from the long-term stockpile ones that will need to last you multiple days.


Emergency items (survival musts)


@Ideally one per person. Donft forget to bring spare batteries and bulbs.

EPortable radio

@Should be lightweight with AM/FM. Bring lots of extra batteries.

EEmergency food and water

@Hardtack and canned foods that donft need to be cooked. Bottled water is convenient. If you have a baby, donft forget the powdered milk.


@Cash, bankbook, I.D., health insurance card, residence certificate, etc.

EEmergency medical supplies

@Ointments, Band-Aids, antipyretics (for fever), cold medicine, digestive medicine, eye medicine. Be sure to bring any household medicine you might have as well.


Helmets/disaster hoods, coats, underwear, towels, work gloves, paper plates and cups, lighter/matches, can-opener, bottle-opener, candles, knives, plastic sheets, female sanitary goods, paper diapers, baby bottles, etc.


Stockpile items (for long-term refuge)

EFood products

@Canned goods and retort (boil-in-the-bag) food, dry-rice, nutritional supplements, seasoning, etc. Bring at least 3 days-worth.


@3L of drinking water per person per day. At least 3 days-worth.


@Table-top stove, solid fuel, spare gas cylinder, blanket, sleeping bags, toiletries, plastic wrap, rope, bar, scoops, toilet paper, etc.




Special case emergency items:

For families with a baby

EMilk, baby bottle, baby food, spoon, diapers, washing cotton, baby-sling, bath towels, baby blankets, gauze, handkerchief, bucket, plastic bags, bar soap, etc.


For families with a pregnant member

EDegreasing cotton, gauze, T-shirts, washing cotton, newborn-baby goods, tissues, plastic wrappers, mother-child book, newspaper, bar soap, etc.


For families with a cared-for member

EChange of clothes, diapers, tissues, disability card, assistive devices, household medicine, etc.


What if Ifm not prepared?

EIn the event of a disaster, there is a high possibility that water and other utilities will be turned off, roads will be damaged, and emergency rescue operations will be delayed. It is important to be self-reliant for as long as possible. Better safe than sorry.




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