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Kumamoto Career Support Desk for Foreign Residents
Last UpdateF2016/5/24

Kumamoto Career Support Desk

*Support/assist you to find a job in Kanto and Kansai area

*Support you to find a new job that matches your criteria

*Help and assist visa application and renewal

*Support your moving and negotiate fee benefits and pachage

Location: Kumamoto City International Center 2F

Period: June 1st,2016 (Wed) - June 5th, 2016 (Sun) 10:00-16:00

Specialized industries: International Education

Requirements: Must currently reside in Japan

Contact: Organization of Test of English for Early Childfood Educators

Email     info@hoikueiken.com   (English/Japanese)

Phone   070-6511-1685(mobile)          0800-100-7419(free toll)

FAX      03-6452-4148

Website      http://www.hoikueiken.com/index.html

For more information 070-6511-1685/0800-100-7419
TEL 070-6511-1685/0800-100-7419
FAX 03-6452-4148
Mail info@hoikueiken.com
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