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No.59 Telephone counseling for pregnancy and emotional support
Last Update:2016/5/27

Kumamoto International Foundation

May 12, 2016

No. 59 (Life)


Telephone counseling for pregnancy and emotional support


If you notice any physical and/or emotional changes during and/or after pregnancy, or contract an illness resulting from the Kumamoto Earthquake, Kumamoto Women's Consultation Office (Kumamoto-ken Josei Soudan Center) offers telephone therapy at the number listed below. Please do not hesitate to give us a call.


Counseling is provided by specialists (midwives, public health nurses, etc.)


Hours:                 9:00 am to noon

1:00pm to 8:00 pm

Monday to Saturday.

Tel:                      096-381-4340



Contact:               Kumamoto Health & Welfare Department (Kenko Fukushi-bu)

Parenting Support Division (Kodomo Mirai-ka)

Maternal and Child Health Section (Boshi Hoken-sho)

Tel:                      096-333-2209



Telephone counseling for pregnancy and emotional s(PDF:31KB) 
TEL 096-359-2121
FAX 096-359-5783
Mail pj-info@kumamoto-if.or.jp
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