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No.52 Leasing Privately Rented Housing
Last UpdateF2016/5/12

Kumamoto International Foundation

May 6, 2016

Report No. 052 (Procedures)


                     Leasing Privately Rented Housing

(Post –Disaster Public Funded Rental Accommodation)


System for Leasing Privately-Rented Housing

Kumamoto City will lease privately rented housing as emergency post-disaster public funded rental accommodation for citizens whose residences have been completely destroyed (includes large scale partially destroyed housing) in the 2016 Kumamoto Earthquake and do not have the financial means to secure housing on their own.

*Citizens who wish to apply must find housing that will comply to the conditions of the System.


Requirements for Residency (individuals must meet all of the following conditions)

(1) Individuals whose residing address was Kumamoto City at the time of the disaster (hereinafter eKumamoto Disasterf) resulted by the 2016 Kumamoto Earthquake (April 14, 2016).

(2) Individuals who do not have housing due to their residence having been totally destroyed (includes large scale partially destroyed housing) by the Kumamoto Disaster.

(3) Individuals who do not have the financial means to secure housing on their own.

(4) Individuals who are not receiving support from the Temporary Housing Repair System under the Disaster Relief Act.


Terms for Housing that can be Leased (housing must meet all of the following conditions)

(1) Housing that has been given approval by the landlord.

(2) Housing that a company has approved to be used as lease.

(3) Rent must be less than JPY60,000 per month (but not limited to this amount in special cases). However, rent may be less than JPY90,000 per month if family consists of 5 or more members (excluding children ages 0~3).


Payment of Fees

(1) Payment by Kumamoto City

   A. Rent

    B. Key money (maximum: 1month rent)

    C. Service charge (maximum: 0.54 of 1 monthfs rent)

    D. Deposit for repairs when resident leaves housing (maximum: 2 monthfs rent)

    E. Fire/liability insurance (maximum: JPY10,000 per year)


(2) Payment by Resident

    A. Utilities, management fee, common fee, parking fee, community fee

    B. Additional fees if the repair fee at the time resident leaves housing is over the initial repair deposit paid at the beginning of lease.


Term of Residence

Maximum of 2 years


Contract for Housing Lease

Prospective resident and landlord of privately rented housing will sign a separate

eContractf issued by Kumamoto City.


 Necessary Documents

EApplication form

ECertificate of Residence (whole family)

EDisaster Victim Certificate (copy acceptable)


Application/Consultation Counter

Kumamoto City Hall has a temporary counter on the 14th floor.

Hours: 9:00~17:00 (9:00~16:00 starting May 16th)


For more information please contact:

Construction Policy Section

Construction Housing Department

Kumamoto City Construction Bureau

Tel: 096-328-2438

Email: kenchikuseisaku@city.kumamoto.lg.jp


Leasing Privately Rented Housing iPDFF73KBj@
TEL 096-359-2121
FAX 096-359-5783
Mail pj-info@kumamoto-if.or.jp
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