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No.19 Be aware of Venous Thrombosis
Last UpdateF2016/4/30

Be aware of Venous Thrombosis

1.   Why do we become venous thrombosis?

When you sit in an airplane or a car while you keep still without moving your muscles, a blood clot (thrombus) forms in a vein, and this can limit your blood flow through the vein.  As a result, your legs and knees are hart and swell.  In the worst case, it can cause you dyspnea and pulmonary embolism itfs make you to death.

2.   How to prevent venous thrombosis?

Ø  Drink water frequently

Ø  Close your foot fingers and open your foot fingers

Ø  Move your legs up and down

Ø  Standing on tiptoe

Ø  Massage your lower legs

Ø  Hold your knees and relax, and twist your ankle 

Ø  Do exercise properly



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