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No.7 Special Arrangement about Seibu Gas Fee
Last UpdateF2016/4/27

Kumamoto International Foundation

April 23rd, 2016



Special Arrangement about Seibu Gas Fee

For those who are affected by Kumamoto earthquake:


1. Exemption of base fee:

Eligibility: The month(s) which you have not completely used gas since disaster occurred (up to 6 month ahead)

2. Exemption of Temporal gas equipment installation fee:

Eligibility: For those who cannot receive gas service due to the earthquake and wish to use gas temporarily, the installation fee for the temporal use will be exempt (you need to apply by June 30th).


[For more information]: Customer Service Center, Seibu Gas, Ltd

Business Hour: 9:00~20:00

TEL: 0570-000-312 (Navigation Dial service)*

* If your phone is not available for navigation dial service, please call 092-633-2440.



Special Arrangement about Seibu Gas FeeiPDFF241KBj@
TEL 096-359-2121
FAX 096-359-5783
Mail pj-info@kumamoto-if.or.jp
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