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For those who lost ones insurance card (Emergency Shelter Information)
Last Update丗2016/4/24
  The evacuation shelter at our center will be 24hours opened continuously for a while, although it was to be closed at 9:00am on Sunday 24th April.
We are going to resume the normal operation for a target date of Friday 6th May
Please note this schedule may be revised subject to the safety conditions of the center's facilities and status of the shelter.  In the case, we will let you know in advance.
 Thank your kind understanding  in advance.
 Pls. Contact: General Foundation Kumamoto International Foundation
 Phone: 096-359-2121


You can receive a medical care without a health insurance card


If you do not have your health insurance card with you due to the earthquake attack, you can still receive a medical care at the medical facilities.  The information they require is;


1) Your name


2) Date of birth


3) Your contact (available phone number)


4) Information of your health insurance, such as

 -name of the company/foundation you are working at (for people have an occupation in Japan)


 -your address and name of the insurance association (for people have National Health Insurance)


 -your address(for eldery people under the medical insurance system for the elderly aged 75 or over)

With these information you can receive a medical care without an insurance card.



For more information 096-359-2121
TEL 096-359-2121
FAX 096-359-5783
Mail pj-info@kumamoto-if.or.jp
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