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Noh World
Last UpdateF2015/7/24

gNohh is the Japanese traditional entertainment which was once flourished in Edo Period. You can see rare Noh masks, costumes and instruments from the Edo era.

 Time Period: From Sat.,11th Jul. to Sun., 4th Oct. *Monday is closed.

 Place: Kumamoto Prefectural Museum

       Hosokawa Collection Exhibition Room

 Cost: 420 yen for adults

      250 yen for college students

      Free for high school students and under as well as for the disabled.

      (Please show your physical disability certificate.)

  Access: about 5 minutes walk from the Kumamoto Castle.

  For more information: Kumamoto Prefectural Museum.

                       (TEL: 096-352-2111) *Japanese only

  Website: http://www.museum.pref.kumamoto.jp/

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