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Kumamoto Castle Festival in Spring-(Shisei Dayori, March)
Last UpdateF2018/3/4

Park in Civil War Period`Entertainment by Military Commanders from across the country`,@March 3(Sat) and 4(Sun)  10.00 am - 6.00 pm

Military commanders from across the country will gather at Kumamoto Castle and display their performances. In addition, there will be also a lot of events which provide enjoyable experience of the world of Kumamoto Castle and Commanders.

VenueFNinomaru Lawn Square of Kumamoto Castle and Jyousaien of Sakuranobaba

2017 Photograph Contest of Kumamoto Castle - Photos Display :March 8(Thurs)-18(Sun), 10.00am - 8.00pm

The photos of Kumamoto Castle Photos-Contest 2017 will be displayed. The yearly Grand Prix will be decided out of 12 photos displayed by visitors' votes.

Venue : Museum of Kumamoto Municipal Contemporary Art (Tuesday is closed.) 

`Reconstruction Assistance for Earthquake Disaster`Japanese Bunraku Puppet Show in Kumamoto Castle

This is the full-fledged Bunraku Display by "Japanese Bunraku" which was established so that the value of "Bunraku" is known by as many people as possible.@Performers will parade down Shimotoori Arcade with elegant Bunraku Dolls.

Parade(free of charge): March 16(Fri) from noon - around 1.00 pm

VenueFShimotoori Arcade

Bunraku Performance@

March 17(Sat) and 18(Sun),@Daytime: from 1.00 pm -, Night time: from 5.00 pm-

March 19(Mon) and 20(Tue),  Daytime:from 1.00 pm-,@Night time: from 6.00 pm-

VenueFNinomaru Lawn Square of Kumamoto Castle

FareF2,000 Yen

For more information, please contact "Nippon Bunraku Project"(phone0 3-6233-8948).

Kumamoto Dancing for Spring (Free of charge)

March 17(Sat) and 18(Sun),  10.00 am - Noon

March 19(Mon) and 20(Tue),  3.00 pm - 5.00 pm

PerformersFDancing Group Hanawarabe and Hatsuki

VenueFStage in Ninomaru of Kumamoto Castle

For more information, please contact Higomaru-Call(phone 096-334-1500).

Kumamoto Castle Tea-Ceremony

This is the entertainment of tea ceremony by Kumamoto Branch of Tea Ceremony East Abe Branch.

March 18(Sun),  from 10.00 am-

VenueF Ninomaru Lawn Square of Kumamoto Castle

Fixed numberF300 persons (based on first-come and first-served)

For more information, please contact Higomaru-Call(phone 096-334-1500).

Triangle Concert by Fire-fighting, Police and Self-Defence Music ‚a‚‚Ž‚„‚“

March 21(Wed, Holiday),  from 1.00 pm-

VenueFStage in Ninomaru Square of Kumamoto Castle

For more information, please contact General Affairs Section of Fire Department(phone096-363-0119).

Kyuushuu Joint Festival 2018(Festival to be opened at the same time:12th Hinokuni Yosakoi Festival)

About 70 Festivals, 150 groups and 5,000 Festival people from across the country, mainly from Kyuushuu area will gather at Kumamoto. They will support Kumamoto's recovery through festivals and dancing.

Places to be opened: Ninomaru Lawn Square of Kumamot Castle and Eight places in Kumamoto Central Area

For more information, please contact the executive committee of Kyuushuu Joint Festivals/general office of Hinokuni Yosakoi Festival (phone 080-9243-0216).

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