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Specific Health Check and Health Check for the Elderly Aged 75 or Over-(Shisei Dayori-March)
Last Update:2018/3/4
The medical registration card of the year of 2017 for Specific Health Check and Health Check for the Elderly aged 75 or over is valid only until the end of March . Have  you done the health check?  Let's be sure to receive the Specific Health Check to check your own health.

 There are cases that you can not receive the health check in the end of March every year because of congestion during that time. We, therefore, ask you to receive the check in the early time. It is available at 400 medical institutions in the city implementing the health check.  

≪Necessary Items for Receiving Medical Check≫

@Special Health Check Card(Water-coloured)

 Health Check Card for the Elderly aged 75 or over(Orange-coloured)

AHealth Insurance Card

B Copayment  National Health Insurance Card Holder-1,000 Yen※1

          Elderly aged 75 or over -800Yen

〔※1)Those households with National Health Insurance who are exempted from residential tax payment for the year of 2016 is free of charge, but those who participated in the National Health Insurance during the period is excluded.)

 If you want to apply for the reissuance of health check card and others, please contact Higo-maru Call(exclusive phone for health check:334-1507)

 For more information, please contact the Section of National Health Insurance and Pension(phone 328-2280).

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