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Walk-in HIV Examination and Consultation on Saturday (Shisei Dayori, Mar., 2018)
Last Update:2018/3/4

The number of HIV carriers and infected patients in Kumamoto Prefecture last year was 12.  Early detection will lead to prevention of AIDS from developing and to prevention of transmission to your partner.  This is a Saturday walk-up examination. 

 Time and Date: March 10th (Sat.)  1:00 pm - 2:00 pm (Reception 12:30 pm)

Place: Welpal Kumamoto (Kumamoto City Public Health Center) 

Details: Same-day examination; no appointment is necessary; without charge; you may remain anonymous. 

We will post the information about the reception area in the entrance hall of the 1st floor.  Please come in time in person.

We will collect about 8cc of blood.

We will let you know the result of the examination in about one hour at the interview.  Some people will know the result in about one week. 

You will share the reception area and the waiting room with others.  If you feel uneasy about it, please take a regular examination (appointment is necessary) which has been conducted on every weekday. 


For details, please call Disease Control and Prevention Section (Kansensho Taisaku-ka) (364-3189)

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