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Cancer Screening on Holidays iShisei Dayori Feb.j
Last UpdateF2018/2/14

‘Cancer Screening on Sunday

▷Time : February 25(Sunday)

@@@@Reception: 8.30 am - 11.00 am

▷Place : Kumamoto Prefecure General Health Center (11-1 Higashimachi 4-Chome, Higashi Ward)

Screening Items


Specific Health Check(for National Health Insurance Subscribers)

amount on the screening ticket 

Health Check for Late-stage Seniors

800 Yen

Cancers Screening

Lung Cancer

Breast X-ray Check

300 Yen(200 Yen for 65 year-old or older people)

Sputum Check

500 Yen

Stomach Cancer 

1,000 Yen

Bowel  Cancer

500 Yen

Breast Cancer

1,500 Yen (1,100 Yen for 50-year old or older women)

Uterine Cervix Cancer

1,200 Yen

¦The dependents of other medical insurances than National Health Insurance(except some insurances) are requested to confirm their insurance when making a reservation for screening.

▷Application : Accepting applications over the phone from February 5, to Kumamoto Prefecture General Health Center i365-2323@on weekdays from 8.30 am to 5.00 pm)iThe advance reservation is required as the acceptable number is fixed.j

‘Breast Cancer Screening on Holidays


Medical Institution

February 11(Holiday)

Biku Hospital (1-34 Onoue-3chome,Higashi Ward)


February 25(Sunday)

Fukuda Hospital (2-6 Shinmachi-2chome, Central Ward)


Miwa Clinic (8-22 Obiyama-5chome, Central Ward)@☎‚R‚W‚P|‚U‚U‚U‚U

▷Time : before noon (Time is different from institution to institution.)

▷Expenses : 1,500 Yen (1,100 Yen for those of 50-year old or older)

¦The free coupon for breast cancer screening is usable. It was sent to the intended people in the end of June, 2017.

▷Application method : please make an application directly over the phone to each medical institution.

iPlease be sure to make an advance reservation as each institution has a fixed number of acceptance.


<Common Particulars for Screening>

▷Target :  Specific Health Check, Lung, Stomach and Bowel Cancer, and Health Check - for those who are 40 years old or older 

@@@@Breast Cancer Screning : women in the even-numbered age of 40 years old or older  

@@@@Uterine Cervicx Cancer Screening : women in the even numbered age of 20 years old or older (at the time of March 31, 2018)

¦The households on welfare and those whose municipal and prefectural tax have not been levied are exempted from the co-payment for cancer screening. Please show the certificate to the reception. For necessary documents and others, please contact the Health Development and Promoting Section.i☎361-2145j

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