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Request for guidance on bicycle rules(Shisei Dayori,February,2018)
Last Update:2018/2/16

There were 431 traffic accidents involving bicycles in the city during last year (as of November), and four people died. About 60% of those accidents are caused by law violation. In order to prevent traffic accidents, please thoroughly follow the "bicycle safety use five rules" .

1 A bicycle is a roadway in principle. The sidewalk is an exception.

2 Pass the road on the left side.

3 Sidewalks take priority on sidewalkers. The bicycle slowly goes to the side of the road.

4 Observe safety rules.

· Drunk driving, double-seater riding and translation are prohibited.

· Light turns on at night.

· Compliance with signals at intersections, temporary suspension and safety confirmation.

5 Child wearing helmet .

■ Let's join bicycle insurance

 Traffic death accidents occurred one after another in violation of bicycle rules in each prefecture. Let's take out bicycle insurance in case of emergency bicycle accident. Recently, convenience stores and smart phones can be used to feel free to join.
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