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File Municipal and Prefectural Tax Returns by March 15 (Thursday) (Shisei Dayori, Feb., 2018)
Last UpdateF2018/2/16

Finish your income tax report for the municipal and prefectural tax for 2018 (based on your income during 2017) by March 15 (Thur.).  Your declaration is used as the basis for calculating not only municipal/prefectural tax but also the amount of National Health Insurance fee, premium for the nursing-care insurance and childcare assistance fee.  Please submit the documents within the time limit.  Confirm what is required for the declaration on the January issue of Shisei Dayori.

Big crowds are expected to gather in each consultation site.  We would appreciate it if you could submit the documents by mail.  

Consultation for filing various types of income tax return

Local tax o ffice


Consultation by those whose houses and household goods were damaged by the earthquakes, etc.

Consultation for 2017 final tax return

Free consultation of tax return by tax accountants

Kumamoto Nishi Tax Office

iChuo, Nishi, Minami, Kita Wardj

Kumamoto District Joint Government Building, 2nd floor of Building B (10-1, 2-chome Kasuga, Nishi Ward) Please use public transportation as parking spaces are limited.

February 1st (Thur.) – 15th (Thurs.)

Except Saturdays, Sundays and public holidays


February 16th (Fri.) – March 15th (Thurs.)

Except Saturdays and Sundays

ioperated on February 18 (Sun.) and 25th (Sun.)j

February 13th (Tue.) – 15th (Thur.)

Kumamoto Higashi Tax Office

(Higashi Ward)

Hinokuni Heights near the entrance to Kenmin General Athletic Park i2-28, 2-chome, Ishihara, Higashi Wardj There will be no tax return consultations at the Kumamoto Higashi Tax Office from February 1st to March 15th.

Time inF@9:00 am – 4:00 pm

What to bringF@Please refer to the web page of Kumamoto Regional Taxation Bureau or inquire at your local tax office. 

Kumamoto Nishi Tax Officei096-355-1181j

Kumamoto Higashi Tax Officei096-369-5566j

*Choose the number following audio guidance. 

National Tax Agencyfs web page@www.nta.go.jp

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