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February: Multicultural Coexistence Month (Shisei Dayori, Feb., 2018)
Last Update:2018/2/4

February is the multicultural coexistence month.  Our goal is to create a society where we support each other irrespective of nationality. 

In the city of Kumamoto, more than 5,000 foreign citizens live (5,303 people as of January, 2018).  More than 700 people have increased since before the Kumamoto Earthquake; one in one hundred people living in our city is a person from abroad.  When the quake hit the Kumamoto region, many of them felt greater fears and terrors than Japanese people because of the difference of language and culture or a lack of experience of earthquakes in their home countries. 

It is very important to plan a community where both foreign people and Japanese people support each other as partners on a routine basis.  Why don’t we think anew about relations with people from abroad, regarding February as the month of “multicultural coexistence”? 

What is multicultural coexistence?

It is the idea that people of different nationalities and ethnic groups coexist as members of a community, appreciating each cultural difference and trying to establish the relationship of equality. 

We are in action in various fields! (based in Kumamoto City International Center

Everyday Japanese Club

Foreign people and Japanese interact, using easy Japanese ongoing in Chuo Ward, Higashi Ward and Kita Ward

An interpreter accompanies us in baby visiting project. 

When we visit a foreign family where a baby was born, an interpreter will accompany us. 


Multicultural coexistence month events

You will be able to know how people from abroad live in Kumamoto City and come in contact with various people and cultures. 

Dates: February 10th (Sat.), 17th (Sat.), 24th (Sat.), 25th (Sun.)  *Photograph panels are exhibited from 14th to 28th. 

Place: Kumamoto City International Center

Event details: ・Display of photograph panels of multicultural coexistence
              --- All Different Peoples Living in a Rich Land Kumamoto ---

           Multicultural salon, Seminar for becoming thoroughly familiar with the world 

           ・Multicultural coexistence symposium 

Application: Call (096-359-2121or e-mail pj-info@kumamoto-if.or.jp) Kumamoto International Foundation. (No application is necessary for the panel display.

Please feel free to inquire for details. 


The 48th Human Rights Theater (human-rights movie show) *admission free

This is the movie that depicts the importance of people taking care of other people through two incidents: “the maritime accident of the Ertugrul in 1890,” which promoted the bonding between Japan and Turkey, and “the rescue of Japanese nationals in Tehran in 1985.” 

Time and date: February 27th (Tue.)  2:00 pm- (doors open at 1:30 pm) 

Place: Kengun Culture Hall

Title of the movie: “Kainan 1890” (Japanese version, running 132 minutes) 

Seating capacity: 290 (first-come-first-served basis) 

Application: Please use Higomaru Call for application from February 5th.  Give the information about the title of the movie show, your name, the number of people coming with you and your telephone number by phone (☎096-334-1500, by fax 096-370-2002or on its website higomaru-call.jp. *Up to 5 people are accepted in one application.


Human Rights Promotion Office [Jinken Suishin Soshitsu] 096-328-2333

International Affairs Section [Kokusai-ka] 096-328-2070

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