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Scheduled to change operation of route buses and inter-city buses accompanying the Kumamoto castle m
Last UpdateF2018/2/6

Kumamoto Castle marathon will be held on February 18 (Sun) is a car-free day.

Traffic jams around the city center are expected, so please refrain cars from central districts.

· You can not cross a pedestrian or a bicycle while holding.

· It is also expected that mail items and parcel delivery services will arrive late.

On Sunday, February 18 (Sunday) there will be major changes in the operation of the buses and intercity buses on the day. For details, please contact the following bus companies.

ESanko bus

Route Bus Sales Office 096 - 325 - 1121

· City bus

Motoyama Sales Office 096-312-5077

Kamikumoto Sales Office 096-319-5550

Omine Sales Office 096 - 369 - 1555

· Kumamoto bus 096-370-8215 (holiday 096-378-3447)

· Electric railway bus 096 - 343 - 302 (holiday 096 - 242 - 4300)

There is also a municipal electricity section and a returning driving section. Also on the 18th, it will be operated by a special train diagram. For details, please ask the Transpoetation  Bureau Train Section below.

· Transportation Bureau Train Section 096-361-5244

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