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The 11th Tasaki Market Thanksgiving(Shisei Dayori,December,2017)
Last UpdateF2017/12/3

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December 3 (Sunday)  7 am - 1 pm


Kumamoto District Wholesale Market Fisheries Department auctions(484 Tasaki-machi Nishi-ku)


Demonstration sale (fish, vegetables, fruit),  demonstration sale of tuna, beating sale of banana, sale of fish, vegetables, fruits, Tasaki market dayori (live),  Pacific sauriies BBQ (1000 fish only), food and drink corner (Seafood rice bowl etc.)

* Many items are prepared at each sales corner, but please be careful with sold out.

* Since we deal with perishable goods, you can not enter with pets.

For details, Tasaki Market Thanksgiving Festival Executive Committee (Tel: 096 - 323 - 2005)

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