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2018 Kumamoto City Fire Department: Annual Departure Ceremony
Last Update:2017/12/7

2018 Kumamoto City Fire Department: Annual Departure Ceremony

This event is hold to raise morale, keep discipline and to raise awareness of disaster prevention for citizens. This year marching parades and exhibition of firefighting vehicles will be conducted.

January, 7th (Sun) 10:00 am - 11:30 am, at Shirakawa riverbed (between Shirakawa Bridge and Taihei Bridge)

※This event will be canceled in case of heavy rain.

Firefighter Marching Parade, members and firefighting vehicles, inspection by mayor.
Shishimai · Performance · Taiko · Woodwind song · Ladder riding, All-out watering

※ When you come by car, please park on the left bank riverside of Shirakawa Bridge. Parking space is limited.
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