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Group Examination of Breast Cancer and Cervical Cancer (Shisei Dayori-Dec)
Last UpdateF2017/12/13

We will implement a group examination of Breast Cancer and Cervical Cancer using an examination car in December and January, 2018. 

Akita area

December 4(Mon) 1.30 pm - 3.00 pm@

Place: Parking lot of Akita Area Community Center

Tenmei area

December 12(Tue) 1.00 pm - 2 .30 pm@

Place: Parking lot of Tenmei Community Development Center(old name:Tenmei City Government Branch Office)

Hokubu area

December 14(Thurs) 1.00 pm - 2 .00 pm@

Place: Parking lot of Hokubu Health Consultation Office (Hokubu Community Development Center-old name:Hokubu City Government Branch Office)

December 15(Fri) 1.00 pm - 2.00 pm

Place: Parking lot of Working Youth Hall  

Kawachi area

January 23(Tue), 2018  1.00 pm - 2.30 pm@

Place: Parking lot of Kawachi Community Center


Breast Cancer: women who turn even-numbered age of 40 years old or older within this fiscal year.  Cervical Cancer : women who turn even-numbered age of 20 years old or  older within this fiscal year

Those who have a free coupon can also get the examination.


Breast Cancer examination: 1,500 Yen for those in their 40s,  1,100 Yen for those aged 50 years old or older  

Cervical Cancer Examination : 1,000 Yen


Please come directly to the Examination Place on the examination date

iHealth Promoting Section, PhoneF361|2145j

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