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Colorectal Cancer Screening Test through Mail (Shisei Dayori. Dec., 2017)
Last UpdateF2018/1/11

Apply by phone.  A stool collection container will be mailed to you.  Collect the stool and mail it to us.  Test results will also be mailed to you.  Please take this opportunity and apply.



Those who are 40 years old or over and do not have the opportunity to take the similar examination mentioned above at the workplace or other places (Those who have already taken colorectal cancer screening test of Kumamoto City are not eligible.)


ƒExamination fee„


 If you are a welfare recipient or from the household exempted from the municipal tax, your copayment will be exempted by forwarding the copy of the certificate.  Examination fee will not be reimbursed after your payment. 



December 5th, 2017 - February 20th, 2018



Coloproctology Center Takano Hospital (320-6510) if you are a resident of Chuo Ward, Nishi Ward or Kita Ward

Kumamoto Prefectural Comprehensive Health Center (365-2511) if you are a resident of Higashi Ward or Minami Ward. 


(Health Promotion Section [Kenkozukuri Suishin-ka] 361-2145)

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