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Information regarding public services during the New Years Holiday (Shisei Dayori December 2017)
Last UpdateF2017/12/20

Most public services will be suspended from December 29th (Fri.) through January 3rd (Wed.), but select services and garbage collection will be conducted as follows. Tourism and sports facilities will be available on a limited basis. Please contact the facilities directly for details. 

Issuance of Certificate of Residence, other official documents


12/29iFri.j - 1/3iWed.j

Chuo/Higashi/Nishi/Minami/Kita Ward Offices
General Branch Offices
Branch Offices
iOe/Akitsu/Tobu/Nanbu/Tatsuda/Yoshino Branch Officej
After hours documentation service at Chuo Ward Office
EPassport Center
Citizen's Service Corner at Kumamoto Shintoshin Plaza



Kumamoto Earthquake Related Services

Service Names

12/29iFri.j - 1/3iWed.j

General Consultation Service iChuo/Higashi/Nishi/Minami/Kita Ward Officej@Applications for relief money, etc.
Victim's Certificates (Residential) Service 
iWelfare Section in ward offices, General Branch Officesj


All other services related to the Kumamoto Earthquake will be available during the period of time written above.


Garbage Collection
Burnable garbage
   Monday & Thursday districts
EEE 25thiMon.jA28thiThur.j@No collection from the 30th to January 3rd
   Tuesday & Friday districts
EEE 26thiTue.jA29thiFri.j@No collection from the 30th to January 3rd

Paper Garbage
iWed.j EEE 27thiWed.j

Direct Disposal EEE Unavailable from January 1st through 3rd iTobu/Seibu Incineration Plant, Ogida Waste Landfillj

As for the collection of plastics, recyclable garbage, and landfill waste, please refer to the gResidential Garbage and Recyclables Collection Calendar for the 2017 Fiscal Year.h 

For details, please contact the Waste Control & Recycling Promotion Section
i☎096-328-2365j, Waste Management Planning Section i☎096-328-2359j, or Community Development Section of your respective ward office. 

gCalendar for 2017h above is not applicable to the Ueki-machi area.  Please contact the Community Development Section of the Kita Ward Office.  

As for large waste, it may be difficult for us to collect it before the end of the year if an application is submitted on December 13th or later.  iUp to five items for each collectionj

For details, please contact the Gomi Zero Call Center. 


Transportation Bureau i☎096-361-5211j
Operation timetables of streetcars, buses, etc. are going to be changed during the New Year's holiday (from December 29th through January 3rd). 
For details, please confirm using the timetables posted at each streetcar and bus stop. 


Medical care and consultation services during the New Year's holiday
 i12:00 midnight on December 30th – 8:00 am on January 4thj

Medical Institutions

Clinical Departments, etc.

Office hours

Kumamoto Community Health Center i☎096-363-3311j

Internal medicine, surgery, pediatrics, telephone counseling for urgent patients

24 hours ibut doctors on call begin treatment at 8:00 am on December 30th.  Services for pediatrics and urology will be available from 9:00 am to 5:00 pm every day. 

On call doctors

Internal medicine, surgery, pediatrics, ophthalmology, obstetrics, otolaryngology, urology


Ito Dental and Oral Hospital i☎096-343-0377j, on-duty dentist



Kumamoto Chuo Pharmacyi☎096-363-7696j

Filling prescriptions for pharmaceuticals


Kumamoto Prefectural Emergency Telephone Consultation Service for Young Children i☎ #8000qavailable wherever you are in the prefecturerj
Use ☎096-364-9999 if you call by dial phone, 
IP phone, or Hikari telephone.

Advice for the emergency treatment of children who suddenly fall ill

WeekdaysF 7:00 pm – 8:00 am the following day
F 3:00 pm – 8:00 am the following day
Epublic holidaysF 8:00 am – 8:00 am the following day

 EAs for on call doctors, please confirm them on the municipal website, newspaper, or make a phone call to the Higomaru Call Center i☎096-334-1500j
EAs for the on-duty pharmacy on holidays, please refer to the municipal website, Higomaru Call Center, or website of the Kumamoto City Pharmacists Association ihttpsF//www.kumamotoshiyaku.or.jp/j
EDuring the New Year's Holiday, there will be fewer medical institutions that are available to do examinations. Expect long waiting times and crowds and congestion. If you feel sick, be sure to visit a medical institution by December 29th. 
EPlease bring your insurance card when receiving an examination.
EThe schedules above are subject to change for any reason.  Please be sure to confirm information by phone. 

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