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Preventing Food Poisoning by Norovirus (Shisei Dayori, November
Last UpdateF2017/11/1

Cases of viral food poisoning and gastroenteritis caused by Norovirus will be on the rise from now through the winter. Because the virus is introduced to the body through the mouth via contaminated hands, fingers, and food, please keep the following prevention tips in mind:

œThoroughly wash your hands before eating meals or handling food and after using the toilet.
œAvoid handling food when you have symptoms of diarrhea or vomiting.
œChildren and the elderly, as well as those with immune system complications, should avoid consuming raw oysters.
œMake sure food is thoroughly cooked. Heat potentially contaminated food at 85-90Ž for more than one and a half minutes.
œThoroughly was cooking utensils after use. Sanitize them by using a bleach solution or heating them over 85Ž for more than a minute.
œWhen cleaning vomit and excrement, carefully wipe with a paper towel to prevent the virus from spreading. Allow a household bleach solution to sit in the affected area before wiping again. (A bleach of chlorine concentration 200ppm would be 4ml of 5% bleach solution diluted in 1L of water.) Then, wipe again with a damp paper towel. 
œDispose of all diapers and used paper towels in a sealed plastic bag.

iFood Sanitation Division TEL 364-3188j

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