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Information Related to Kumamoto Earthquake-(Shisei Dayori, Nov.)
Last Update:2017/11/3

Those people who can't leave the provisional housing due to unavoidable reasons, will be able to extend the stay for a year at most.

The City will post "the guidance to the requirement for the extension or its procedures" and "documents to check the intention for future housing reconstruction " to all households living in the provisional housing in November. Please be sure to check the contents and reply back.

For more information, please  contact Support Center.(Central Ward 096-328-2105・East Ward 096-367-9267・West Ward 096-329-2829・South Ward 096-357-4757・North Ward 096-272-1972) 

To those people who have lived in the collective housing and have already got the disaster certificate issued

The disaster survey of the stricken houses would be performed through the first survey, second survey and may be surveyed again additionally according to the necessity. In case that the disaster certificate is altered by the result of the survey,  the result will be applied to every person living in the collective housing in principle. For those people having lived in the collective housing who have already got the disaster certificate issued, we will inform them of the survey result. Please have your disaster certificate ready at hand and contact us to inquire. The result will be replied back by return. 

For more information, please contact Welfare Section of each ward government office.

Those households whose collective housing has already been demolished will also be intended for the supply of the assistance funding.

Those people whose collective housing had been damaged largely or very severely and has been demolished due to unavoidable reasons will also be intended for the supply of life reconstruction assistance funding for the stricken people. Please prepare necessary documents and apply.

Necessary items to bring

1 Original Disaster Certificate

2 Original Residence Certificate

3 Copy of Deposit Notebook(the part where the deposit holder's name can be read clearly) 

4 Certificate for Closed Item(Copy of the Extinguishment of Property Registration)

※In case of the demolition by the public expense, the "Notification of Demolition and Removal Completion for Stricken Houses and others" issued by the City will also be acceptable instead. 

※For those people who had lived in the collective housing, the document certifying the demolition such as " Certificate for Closed Item" will be accepted with its copy.

For more informationn, please contact the Reception for General Consultation of each ward government office. 

Central Ward 096-328-2105・East Ward 096-367-9267・West Ward 096-329-2829・South Ward 096-357-4757・North Ward 096-272-1972)

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