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The City will provide financial support for preventative influenza vaccinations for high risk indivi
Last Update:2017/10/12

The City will provide financial support for preventative influenza vaccinations for high risk individuals. 

This vaccine is effective at preventing severe influenza infections. We recommend that those who want to be vaccinated get it early before the disease becomes epidemic.

■Beneficiaries                                                               ・those who are 65 years old or older on the day of the vaccination
・those who are 60 years old or older but less than 65 years old and who also have the equivalent to a 1st degree disability as a result of heart, kidney, or respiratory disorders as well as being immunocompromised by HIV.  (You will need to show your Physicial Disability Certificate.) 
・those who are 20 years old or older but less than 65 years old and who are also recipients of family assistance money, recipients of assistance money for Japanese people left behind in China, and any other beneficiaries of financial assistance programs. 


October 1, 2017 - January 31, 2018

※There may be different availability periods depending on location, so please confirm with your local institution before getting vaccinated.      


Designated medical institutions marked with the blue sticker, "Kumamoto Municipal Influenza Vaccination Medical Institution." 
○If you want to receive a preventative vaccination at institutions other than the designated medical institutions and outside Kumamoto City, you will need to complete certain procedures in advance or take responsibility for payment. Since a few days are required for processing, we recommend that you consult the Infectious Disease Control and Prevention Section early. 

You will be responsible for 1500 worth of medical expenses
※Vaccination fees will be different at each medical institution for those who cannot avail of the financial support offered here.

■The following people are exempted from the responsibility to pay. Please show the respective documents to the staff at your medical institution. The City will not refund any money after you receive a vaccination.
・Families receiving public assistance → Assistance Certificate
・Recipients of assistance payments for Japanese People left over in China and other programs → Personal ID
・Households exempted from the Residence Tax → one of the four undermentioned documents
@ Coupons for those exempted from copay (This will be issued for those people who do not have the following documents A to C.
Since an application is required in advance, please contact the Infectious Disease Control and Prevention Section (TEL:364-3189) for inquiries. They will mail an application form. We will not reissue documents of A to C for the purposes of exemption from vaccination payment.
A Decision Notification of Nursing-Care Insurance Premiums for the year 2016 or Income Notice of the same year (which displays an income between stages 1 and 3)
B Nursing Care Insurance Premium Limitation Certificate
C Medical Expenses Limitation and Copay Reduction Certificate for late-stage senior citizens

■Required Items for Vaccination

・Documents proving that you qualify for preventative influenza vaccination such as: National Health Insurance Card, Driver's License, Physical Disability Certificate, etc.
・For copayment exempted people, any of the above documents that  certify that you are exempt from payment.
(Infectious Disease Control and Prevention Section (TEL:364-3189)

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