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We will operate an amusument park in the zoo and garden in accordance with fireworks festival! (Shis
Last UpdateF2017/10/12

We will operate an amusument park in the zoo and garden in accordance with fireworks festival! 

Operation time: around 6 Ppm(sunset)

Tea cup, Shinkansen, Chain tower, Dolphin paradise,Metrody pet

Operation time: Untill 8:40 pm

Merry-go-round,mirror house,Ferris wheel, accessory house (game center)

Usage fee: Once 200 yen (Mirror house 100 yen, small house 10 yen - 200 yen)

 Entrance fee:For 9 am - 4:30 pm: For high school sutudent 200yen, Less than  junior high school sutudent free

*People who enter the park after 4:30 pm are free. Please note that  can not see the animals after 4:30 pm.

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