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Recruiting Children for Kumamoto Municipal Kindergartens-(Shisei Dayori-Sept 2017.)
Last Update:2017/9/14

Target Children : Children aged 3 to 5 years who were between April 2, 2012 and April 1, 2015
Distribution of Application Forms: September 1st(Fri) - October 16th(Mon)
Acceptance of Application Forms: October 2nd(Mon) - 16th(Mon)
※The distribution and acceptance of application forms and inquiries will be handled at each kindergarten only on weekdays.If applicants are over the recruiting numbers, entering children will be decided by lot. 
※The municipal kindergartens are not determined by school zone. You may apply for any kindergarten.
※There is a “Words Classroom” at Kumamoto Gofuku Kindergarten (phone:356-8898) and Sekidai Kindergarten(phone:352-0600). They are going to recruit children for this class in November.
※Private kindergartens will begin to distribute application forms from September 11 and to accept application forms from November 1. 
※For kindergarten fees and other expenses, visit the City Homepage or Kumamoto Municipal Kindergartens HP:http://www.kumamoto-kmm.ed.jp/school/youchienn/

For more specific information, please contact the kindergarten directly.

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