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Ezu-Lake Fireworks Event Wishing Kumamoto's Reconstruction-(Shisei Dayori, Sept.)
Last Update:2017/9/14
Many fireworks will gorgeously color the dark night sky and surface of Ezu-Lake. 
“Music Fireworks” moving around in harmony with Kumamoto City Music is also one of the attractions.
Please enjoy two fireworks going up into the sky and reflected on the surface of the Lake!
Time : October 14(Sat) 6.45 - 8.00 pm
※In case the weather is bad, the event will be posponed to the following 15th day.
Main site for shooting off fireworks : upper Ezu-Lake area (Hiroki Area of Suizenji Ezu-Lake Park)
Number of fireworks to be shooted off : 10,000 shots
※The contents of fireworks may be changed or cancelled.
※We ask your cooperation in "No-My-Car Day" on the Event Day.
※There is no paking lot for vieweres of fireworks in the area of the event . We appreciate your coopearion in using public transportation (Japan Railway, Public bus or Municipal streetcar). 
※We will also recruit support people for the event. For more information, please refer to TKU homepage(https://www.tku.co.jp/ezuko-hanabi2017/).
※For trafffic regulations and operation of shuttle buses, they will be informed as needed in the Shisei Dayori, official homepage of Ezu-Lake Fireworks 2017(http://hanabi.kumamoto-guide.jp/and others right after the details are decided.

For more information, please contact Ezu-Lake Fireworks Executive Committee Office(in the Event Promotion Section) (☎096-328-2948).

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