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accepting application :suppletory residents of municipal housing complex(Shiseidayori Aug,2017)
Last Update:2017/8/2
expected date of occupancy : Oct, 1st (Sun) 2017
targets of dwelling unit that are accepting application: unoccupied appartments of housing complex

※For further information, see the application brochure. 
■distribution of application brochure
 term: Aug,  1st(Tue) to 15th(Tue)
 ※except for Saturday,Sunday, national holiday
 time:9:00 am〜5:00 pm
 place:municipal housing management center (9th floor at city hall), ward office, general branch

■application acceptance
 term:Aug, 9th (Wed) to 15th(Tue)
 place:meeting room on 8th floor at city hall annex bicycle parking space
 what you should bring:informal seal(you cannot use stamp seal or thumprint)document that prove earning  of all applicants

 day of lottery:Aug, 24th(Thu) and 25th(Fri)
 place:meeting room on the 8th floor at city hall annex bicycle parking space
weekday: phone (096-327-5101) about municipal housing in Chuo ward, Kita ward, Nishi ward、(096-311-7833) about housing in Higashi and Minami ward
※On May, 14th(Sun) and 20st (Sat) you can call city hall main phone number (096-328-2111)

(inquiry: housing section 096-328-2461)                                        Jump to Japanese page→ http://www.kumamoto-if.or.jp/topics/topics_detail.asp?PageID=5&ID=9367&pg=1&sort=0&LC=j
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