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The Entry Acceptance of Kumamoto Castle Marathon 2018 will Start-(Shisei Dayori, August)
Last Update:2017/8/2

Kumamoto Castle Marathon 2018 will be held on February 18(Sun), 2018. The entry acceptance will be performed during the period from July 31(Mon) through September 15(Fri) and then actual runners will be selected by lot. The entry qualifications will be as follows.

The Full-Marathon Visiting Historical Sites

Entry qualification : people who are fullly 18 years old or older on the day of marathon(except high school students, who are excluded from the entry) and also can complete the running couse within 6 hours and 40 minutes. 

Entry fixed number : 12,000

Entry fee : 10,500 Yen (including the system usage)

The Run for Recovery-Challenging Fans

Entry qualification : people who are junior high school students or older

Entry fixed number : 1,500

Entry fee : 3,500 Yen

Entry application method : please apply on Kumamoto Castle Marathon Homepage      ※The entry is only available on internet.


The flow for application:

The start of entry acceptance : July 31(Mon), 10.00 am  

The closure of entry acceptance : September 15(Fri) 5.00 pm

Notification of entry-lot result : early October (The result will be notified to each applicant.)                          

Kumamoto Castle Marathon First Challengers Frame                                       Target : Only the full-marathon visiting historical sites

Entry number limit : 2,400

Application period : July 31(Mon), 10.00 am - August 31(Thurs), 5.00 pm

If the applicants reach the above limit, they will be decided by lot in advance. Those who lost the advance lot will be automatically listed on the general entry frame. This challenging entry frame is intended for those people who have not experienced Kumamoto Castle Marathon (historical sites visting full marathon), but those who have got the right to run in the past, even if they did not actually run, will be excluded from the intended people.

Inquiry :Kumamoto Castle Marathon Planning Committee Office  phone:096-328-2373

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