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We will send a Status Report Form in the first week of June(Shisei Dayori June)
Last UpdateF2017/6/8
We will send a "Status Report Form" in the first week of June to people receiving child benefits (from before May and continuing after June 2017)

Please fill it out and send it back to us using the return envelope included by mid June.

*If you cannot send/receive the said Status Report Form due to the Kumamoto earthquake, please contact the Child Support Section Office (Kodomo-shien-ka-bushitsu) or the Health and Childcare Section (Hoken-kodomo-ka) at your local ward office.

*For births and changes of address, you must apply within 15 days of the day after the planned date. Failure to apply in time will cause you to forfeit a period of subsidy coverage.

*City staff please apply at your office.

For details, please call the Child Support Section Office (Kodomo-shien-ka-bushitsu) by phone at: 345-2200

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