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Tax Payment Notification for National Health Insurance(Shisei Dayori, June)
Last UpdateF2017/6/8

Tax Payment Notification of individual City and prefectual tax(Individual Residential Tax) will be sent in early June.

Target People for the Notification

EThose who have lived in the City at the time of January 1, 2017 and are to be taxed by their income and others for the year of 2016

EThose who have their gprivate house and landh or goffice, stores and so on for private businessh in a ward, but who have no residential address in there

¦ Those who have moved in there on or after January 2, will be taxed by their previous residential municipal offices before moving in up to the year of 2017.

¦Those who passed away on or after January 2, will be taxed up to the year of 2017. The tax payment notification will be sent to the representative of ‚”he succession.

¦gThe individual Residential Tax Amounth stated in the Pension Payment Notification by the Pension Insurer is the same thing as gthe Individual City and Prefectural Residential Tax Amounth.

June is the first term of payment for the City and Prefecural Residential Tax

@Please use the account-transfer payment or automatic payment method convenient for the payment.

Those who want to use these payment methods can apply at the nearest Post Office or financial institutions by showing the tax payment notification, deposit notebook and registered seal.

iTax Payment Section phone@328-2204j

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