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Recruitment of the 22ndiShisei Dayori June 2017j
Last UpdateF2017/6/16

Started recruiting from June 1
Why do not you start haiku?

We are waiting for sensual works.

Application Requirements

Distributed at the ward office comprehensive guide, community development center and city library


By mail or bring by each deadline

§ 860 - 8601 Cultural Promotion "Kusamakura
" International Haiku Tournament Executive Committee Secretariat (City Hall 8th Floor)

(Junior / Foreign Languages department can also be from the website)

Ward office


Early November (Notified to winners themselves.) ¦ Prize-winning works may be posted on tournament programs, work recruitment · home page, etc., for PR flyers etc. Please note that the names and addresses of the winners will also be posted.

 Awards ceremony

Date and time
November 18 (Saturday)
1:00 pm to 4:30 pm

Kumamoto Mori City Center Plaza Hall

Haiku part

œ General department

·Target     Anyone
· Recruitment of
One pair of two phrases on the essay paper or manuscript paper

· Deadline  August 31
· Cost @
1 set 1000 yen


œ Junior department · Schoolchildren, high school student and international student (Japanese)

œ Foreign language department

·Target  Anyone

· Write on the posting card or the postcard of the application guidelines, from the following website to 1 person 2 phrases

· Deadline September 11

· Cost    Free@@@

@         @ 

Haiku picture department

·Target Anyone



‡@ I wish I was born to a small person like a Biolet. (Natsume Soseki)

‡ALosing something to sink greaves( Nakamura Teijo)
‡B Summer hat infront of  Oaso (Special prize-winning works of the 21st Annual Convention General Section Kiyoko Uta)

‡C Ezuko's  daybreak starts with a duck (a prize-winning work by the Nakamura Teijo Prize at the 21 th meeting day division)

‡D  A small bird will come to Kumamoto Castle even after the earthquake(award-winning works of the 21st meeting day-lucky division "Kusamakura")


@@Make a phrase (philosophy), express that image (fill in the work with haiku)

the work

Please paste the application form of the essay on the back of the work, up to 2 points per person with colored paper (24 cm ~ 27 cm).

Deadline Aug 31

Cost 1000 yen

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