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Try to Evacuate as Early as Possible (Shisei Dayori, June, 2017)
Last UpdateF2017/6/3

Pay attention to precursory phenomena!!


œ Cliff failures

@EWater from cliffs becomes muddy.

@ESmall stones fall.

@ESound is heard to come from cliffs.


œ Debris flows

@EThe rumbling of mountains is heard.

@EThe water level of rivers falls in spite of the continuous rain.

@ERiver water gets muddy; driftwood is seen in the river.


œ Landslides

@ECracks are formed on the ground.

@EWater in wells or mountain streams becomes cloudy.

@EWater gushes out from cliffs or hillsides.


PLEASE CONFIRM THE VARIOUS INFORMATION AT: http://sabo.kiken.pref.kumamoto.jp/website/sabo/

Based on the prefectural information on the degree of hazardous landslide disaster, amount of rainfall and predictive phenomena, Kumamoto City Government officially announces the evacuation information according to the following three stages and lets it known to the city residents.


‡@ Evacuation preparation; Evacuation starting for the elderly:

EThis is the situation where the risk of human casualties has increased. 
EWe ask those who will need considerable time for evacuation---such vulnerable people as the elderly or their supporters---to begin evacuation to a safer place. 

@EIf you can evacuate normally, please begin to prepare for the evacuation after confirming how to get in touch with other members of your family.  Prepare emergency bags. 


‡A Evacuation advisory:

EThis is the situation where the risk of human casualties has discernibly increased. 
EAll the residents should start evacuating to the designated evacuation centers. 


‡B Evacuation directive (urgency):

@EThis is the situation where the risk of human casualties has greatly increased or the situation in which human casualties have already occurred. 
@EResidents in the midst of evacuation should immediately complete the evacuation. 

@EResidents who have not yet evacuated should evacuate quickly. 


Register right now! 

Kumamoto city disaster information mail service: entry-kumamoto@fastalarm.jp


What you have to keep in mind when evacuating:

When a disaster has happened and it is quite dangerous to stay inside the house, you need to evacuate quickly and calmly.  You have to bear in mind the protection of the vulnerable such as babies and toddlers or elderly people.  It is important to cooperate with people in your neighborhood.   Never fail to get in touch with elderly people living alone near your house. 


› Use your own judgment when evacuating.

When disasters are coming, the situation someone is in is different from person to person.  You must make your own judgments and take a proper action.


› Take minimal steps to protect your life. 

Give first priority to your safety.  When there is an impending danger, not only moving to the designated evacuation center but also taking minimal steps to protect your life may be necessary. 


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